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VR-Surveillance allows police officers to fully immerse themselves in a lifelike and controlled learning environment, providing them with a valuable training experience. Once the experience is over, the officers  engage in a group dialogue and take time to reflect individually.
Three Dutch policemen wearing VR headsets and headphones.
Training features

What's included in the training?

To tackle this problem, a combination of innovative techniques and timeless wisdom is employed, effectively addressing it through a two-step approach.
Filmset of a incognito policemen talking to a man standing next to a car.

Step 1: Experience

Participants engage in a realistic and interactive simulation, monitoring public spaces like train stations or bustling squares. Their objective is to maintain peace and safety by observing people's actions.

They can adjust their level of involvement based on what captures their attention. For instance, they conduct license plate checks before approaching individuals in the simulation. Each scenario lasts 2 to 5 minutes, determined by the participants' choices during the simulation.
Two police officers who are in a discussion.

Step 2: Reflection

Participants receive feedback and are encouraged to discuss the choices they made in the VR simulation. These discussions provide an opportunity to dive deeper into the motivations behind their decisions and receive feedback from fellow participants. This process promotes reflection and awareness of potential biases in their daily police activities.

Group dialogues typically last around 60 minutes, depending on the level of output generated by participants during these sessions.

Responses of officers

After the experience, people have become aware of their choices and unconscious biases. In this video you can see some of these reactions immediately after the training.
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The application features various scenes that are shot in different countries. Below are the countries where scenes have already been filmed. If your country is not listed, you have the opportunity to become an ambassador and collaborate with us to create a scene for a new country.

Existing scene locations

Germany: in the making
Please schedule a demonstration appointment with us to experience VR-Surveillance firsthand.

What's included in the demo?

  • We will visit you for the VR-Surveillance demonstration
  • During the VR-Surveillance session, you will have the opportunity to experience two immersive scenes
  • We are there to answer all of your questions

Is your preferred scene location not yet available?

Would you like to contribute as an ambassador and collaborate with us to create a scene for a new location? You can become an ambassador by applying with us, receive funding from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and start building a new application.
Dutch economical affairs fund

Development steps:

  • Join us as an ambassador and play a vital role
  • We specialise in adapting scripts to suit your local culture, ensuring they resonate effectively
  • We are equipped to handle the entire video production process, from shooting to editing
  • We build the application
Policeman on foreground wearing a bicycle helmet. Background with blurry policemen.

A classroom in a box

Immerse yourself in a complete educational experience with our innovative "Classroom in a Box" solution. If you don't have VR headsets yet, we offer a convenient option to order them along with the VR training. Your customised package will include a flight case containing the desired number of VR headsets.
GIF of a police trainer that opens a flight case with vr headsets and headphones.

Are you already utilising specific VR headsets?

We have the capability to distribute content to any VR headset through an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution, such as our esteemed partner Arbor XR.

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