The trilogy of the future; Practice, Science and Creation

The trainer is developed in close cooperation with police practitioners, game developers, and social psychologists from various universities, and is closely monitored to improve its impact on officers’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviour. So far, we have allowed different universities in and outside the Netherlands to assess the efficacy of the trainer.
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The logo of Scopic_Labs, the maker of VR-Surveillance, the 'c' and 'o' create an infinity symbol.
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Logo of Gent (city in Belgium) police.
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Academic research

Currently a longitudinal study is looking at the effects on both an individual and group level, following participants that are being exposed to multiple scenarios over a longer period of time. These studies are part of a PhD-project with the University of Twente that the Dutch Police has endorsed.

Always innovating

Motion capture and green screens are added to the mix. They make it much easier to create film as if it were a digital adaptable product. The scenarios and results will follow soon. Furthermore Scopic_Labs is working on deepfake to use the exact same scenarios with different characters. but keeping the exact same script and timings.

International deployment

The Dutch police force is distributing the VR trainer nationally and police officers have experienced one of the available scenario’s in the VR-Surveillance product suite, and are currently investing in this project by implementing more VR-headsets and creating more content.
For now, the Belgium Police is using the Dutch Scenario's, Germany is producing their own content and will be available by the end of the summer.

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