Level 4 // VR-Surveillance

Scopic_Labs produced the fourth scenario for ‘VR-Surveillance’ aka ‘VR Proco’
Erik Jan Bijvank
11 Jan 2022
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Scopic_Labs produced the fourth scenario for ‘VR-Surveillance’ aka ‘VR Proco’, a unique evidence based methodology to mitigate ethnic profiling. The VR shoot was at the iconic Parkkade in vibrant Rotterdam - and like all the previous episodes it was directed by Bas Böing.

We had the great pleasure to work with the ever enthusiastic and talented Juneoer Mers (now in theaters featuring as Ike Turner) and the always smiling and dynamic Esra Onsoz.

Production wise we raised the bar - working with the 10-bit TITAN with 8× Micro FourThirds Sensors. We optimised our VR engine so we can take the experience to a whole new level.

The Digital Production is now in full progress and the application will go live this summer via the Dutch Police Academy’s Digital Learning product owner, Giny Verschoor.

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